Housing Options

Need a place to stay while in Tulum?

We are glad to help you.  There are basically three different areas to choose from.

  1. Area in close proximity to the ruins.

  2. Area on the beach or across the street from the beach.

  3. Tulum centro or pueblo.  The town’s center about 2 KM from the beach

Each of these areas are somewhat different.  The El Camino Language School campus is located in the city or pueblo area of Tulum.  Each of these areas have a distinct advantages and disadvantages and their unique vibe.  Consider what option is best for you.

Many of our students are on limited budget and others have discretionary travel budgets that make it possible to stay anywhere they wish while attending our classes.  Please let us know if we can help you pick the best option!  El Camino has several business relationships with many hotels and hostels.  This gives our student preferential rates and treatment.  Also, please note that room rates can vary widely as the supply and demand changes according to the high and low tourism seasons.

The Weary Traveler Hostel

If you are on a very limited budget, you simply must consider The Weary Traveler hostel. The location is great. It is located only a few blocks from campus, easy walking distance for great restaurants and nightlife. They have an outstanding reputation at rates starting as low $10 USD. They always seem to have a very eclectic, diverse, well traveled fun group of guests that share a kitchen area, a small bar and swimming pool. The Weary Traveler hotel takes great pride in making their guests feel welcome and safe. To get the absolute best rate during the time you are taking classes, you must book your reservation with us directly.

Tulum Pueblo – Mid-Price Recommendation – The Secret Garden

El Camino has a fantastic association with The Secret Garden hotel that will make any student feel very welcomed and comfortable in their private small hotel. With our special rate, rooms start at just $45 a night and weekly discounts are offered, space available.

Coco Tulum – please check back soon about this fantastic beach cabana hotel.