Also, learn Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German or Mayan in the first language school right in the center of Tulum.

Our certified teachers have a passion for teaching Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French and even the Mayan Language and culture to students from around the world.

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We can provide you with housing arrangements that suit you and your budget best. We have hotel, hostel, houses, apartments and limited guest family options that will make you feel right at home.

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Combine your classes with lots of fun outside the classroom like scuba, kite boarding, snorkeling, exploring cenotes and acient Mayan ruins or simply relaxing on Tulum’s world renowned beaches!

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Stéphane Perrin-Turenne
Stéphane Perrin-TurenneSchool Director

“El Camino Language School, the first language school in Tulum, prides itself in having taught hundreds of students Spanish, English, German, Italian, Mayan, French and Portuguese over the last 4 years. El Camino Tulum wants to be a place where people from all around the world can come and share their passion for the Spanish language, other languages and culture. We are happy to welcome our students in a very convenient location right in the center of Tulum and in our comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms where students can focus on learning, at their own pace. We use intuitive CEFR methods and combinations of interactive media, outside activities and conversational exercises to create the best possible learning experience.”

What Students Say

This has to be one the of best places in the world to learn Spanish. I loved every minute of it!
Karolina K., Norway
If I had known that there was a school like El Camino Language School, I would have learned Spanish long ago. Thank you for your great hospitality!
Tim H., United States
There can’t possibly be a more fun place to learn Spanish. Your school and Tulum’s beaches are simply unbelievable.
Emma R., United Kingdom
I have never learned so much, biked so much, eaten so much, nor been to the beach so much!!! When are you going to start a 4 year degree program I can enroll in?
Karen C., United States
El Camino is easily the best great school to learn the Spanish language. I am so happy I found out about you guys and Tulum.
James P., Canada