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Tulum Spanish Language School

Also Offering English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German & Mayan Classes

Stéphane Perrin-Turenne
Stéphane Perrin-TurenneSchool Director

El Camino Language School offers Spanish classes in Tulum.  We are the first language school in Tulum.  We pride ourselves on having successfully taught over one thousand students.  For over four years we have taught Spanish, English, German, Italian, Mayan, French and Portuguese classes.

El Camino Tulum wants to be a place where intellectually curious people from all around the world can come and share their passion for languages and culture. We are happy to welcome our students in our convenient location right in the center of Tulum.  Our classrooms are comfortable, air-conditioned and always welcoming.  We want our students to be challenged and always reaching their maximum potential.

We use intuitive CEFR methods and a combination of interactive media, outside activities and conversational exercises to create the best possible learning experience.